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Higashikagura Hokkaido Japan

Beautiful Smile and Flower Town,Higashikagura

Higashikagura is located in center of Hokkaido near the Taisetsuzan National Park.Neighboring city Asahikawa,with a population about 360,000,is the second largest city in Hokkaido.
Higashikagura is an agricultural town and consists for the most part of fertile land producing grain crops,rice,asparagus,potatoes,corns and a wide variety of vegetables.The town has a population of about 9,400.Since 1989 Higashikagura has promoted the development of residential areas so that population has increased from about 5,700.
Located in Higashikagura is Asahikawa Airport with connections to Tokyo,Osaka,Nagoya and the other cities.About 1,000,000 passengers commute through the airport toother cities and countries.
Since 1959 the town has endeavored to improve of quality of life through flowers. In order to pursue this goal, many flowers were planted throughout the town area, and much effort was placed on beautifying the town in general.
In 2000, Higashikagura was pronounced the National Winner in the Munincipalities Category of Japan in Bloom and had the chance to attend the Communities in Bloom 2001 held in Canada.

Execution of promoting Flower Town

  1. Planting flowers
    The town has about 150 flower beds, and flowers are planted there during spring and summer.
  2. Making seedings
    There are over 140,000 seedings of pansy,marigold,begonia,petunia,tulip and more, in the Plant Center.
  3. Supporting the beautification of the community
    The town continues to support the beautification of the surrounding community. In the agricultural areas support is provided for the plantation of seedings while in residential areas, seedings planted in Plant Center are supplied.
  4. Promoting communities in bloom
    The town is active in the promotion of communities in bloom. In this respect lectures are held on how to plant, beautify gardens, maintaining plants and more.Every year the town researches and studies how other towns in Hokkaido use flowers to beautify their communities. The town also holds symposiums about flower and promoting communities in bloom.
  5. Events with flowers
    Flower events are held in the town each year in June and August.In June the Flower Festa at Higashikagura Forest Park is held with the Hana Matsuri at Yoshitsune Park in August.Many people enjoy the events, which include lectures on flower arrangement and also the auction of flowers.
  6. Beautifying the town
    We have beautified our town with the re-construction of the Main Street. In conjunction with this the town encourages individuals and companies to beautify houses and offices by incorporating flower beds or providing tools such as hanging baskets.
  7. Producing flowers
    Farmers produce alstroemerias,carnations and other varieties of flowers, for sale to the public in the market.